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Obrigado pelo teu interesse no nossa residência clínica de cirurgia oral

O que é a residência clínica em cirurgia oral?

Trata-se de uma formação de longo termo dirigida a dentistas e a estomatologistas que desejam adquirir e aprofundar conhecimentos em cirurgia oral no contexto de uma residência clínica.


Quem leccionará?

O Dr. Pedro Moura é o diretor pedagógico do curso. Participa ativamente com um grande número de aulas teóricas e práticas. Está devidamente apoiado por uma equipa de colegas experientes enquanto clínicos e pedagogos. Todos os clínicos que apoiam a formação são, sem excepção, ex-alunos da Foramen Dental Education. Ocasionalmente temos a participação de formadores externos que participam ao nível das aulas teóricas.



Dr. Pedro Moura graduated in Clinical Psychology (ISCS-N, 2002) and Dental Sciences (2008 ISCS-N). He received a diploma in implantology (European Implantology Center 2009) and periodontology (Sorriso Natural 2011).

He has founded and currently is the pedagogic coordinator of foramen dental education, a dental training centre which has been continuously training dentist in all areas of dentistry since 2014. Has organized multiple courses as a keynote speaker in several areas of dental surgery including: autologous grafts, digital dentistry, sinus lift, full arch, mucogingival etc.


Lately, all of his time is devoted to directing a Master in Surgery- Clinical Residency (Universidad Miguel Cervantes and Foramen Dental Education) which he leads 16 residents during a period of 10 months.


He is a Board Member of SOPIO - Portuguese society of implantology and osteointegration

He lectures regularly on congresses both nationally and internationally, being Key opinion leader

of Dio implants, neodent, and alpha bio.


His clinical practice is limited to surgery.


He loves spending time with his kids and enjoying the good things in life.


Foramen dental education

is a modern training centre located in Porto, Portugal.
It is located on the busiest and most touristic street in Porto, making it ideal for foreign students.
It has the capacity to train 20 students at a time, with a spacious pre-clinical available.
Live streaming of surgeries is possible.
10 offices allow 10 groups of 2 students to perform procedures at the same time.
Available CBCT, intraoral and extraoral scan, internal laboratory, microscope, etc.

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